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Maximum security thanks to hardened Linux


SmartStart is a rugged and secure touch panel system consisting of hardware and software that has been specially developed for the seamless integration and operation of web applications. It is based on a Yocto-based operating system with a mainline Linux kernel (LTS) and utilises the latest QT6 framework. By utilising the QT WebEngine, users can efficiently and securely display web content in a kiosk mode, making the system ideal for industrial, building automation and public information kiosk applications. In addition, SmartStart offers advanced security features such as secure boot and redundant read-only partitions, as well as the ability for remote maintenance and control via the Fleetwarden cloud platform, making it a reliable choice for various enterprise requirements.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Yocto-based operating system with a mainline Linux kernel (LTS).
  • Current QT6 framework
  • QT WebEngine for efficient and secure display of web content in kiosk mode
  • Security functions such as secure boot and redundant read-only partitions
  • Enables remote maintenance and control via the Fleetwarden cloud platform


The SmartStart Web Browser Consists of the Following Components:


IoT System Creation

The operating system with a mainline Linux kernel without vendor patches as the basis of your IoT system



The perfect solution for installation and configuration


Kiosk Web Browser

Plug & play for the presentation of interactive content



The cloud platform for controlling and networking your hardware


Security Updates

Security updates via already connected cloud (can be optionally switched off)

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The SmartStart Web Browser is Compatible with the Following Hardware:

Video Tutorial: Discover Now!

Get started with your individual IoT system with SmartStart from tci and hexDEV.

SmartStart Addons

We combine proven technology with individual extensions for you.

Supplement your solution according to your wishes, be it with special hardware, customized apps or extended security functions. Your search for a reliable and customized IoT solution ends here.


Modern App Development

You receive a modern app, perfectly tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our expertise in Vue.js, Flutter and QT/QML, we guarantee impressive performance - whether on embedded devices, websites or smartphones.


Flexibility Through Adapter Boards

Development of adapter boards with suitable software to connect your special peripherals, e.g. e-mobility
with ISO15118 and Ocpp, IO-Link, Modbus,...


AI for Real Applications

Our cloud offers AI to quickly build real customer solutions. The AI is interactive, controlled and accesses current data.


Database Applications with REST API

For networked added value, on-premise or in the cloud.


Flexible Safety Functions

With functions such as OP_TEE and secure boot, hexDEV can offer devices for sensitive applications.


Hardware-Related Developments

From Linux kernel drivers to complete board extensions.

Two Partners - One Mission

Embedded Solutions for Web Panels Rethought!

tci as the hardware manufacturer and hexDEV as the software provider have redefined the interaction between durable, industrial-grade hardware and an embedded operating system based on Linux. The result is your optimal solution: SmartStart - secure and flexibly expandable.

The app (Flutter, Vue.js, QT/QML or other platforms) can run on the edge device, on a website or on a smartphone. The infrastructure consisting of cloud, client and security is already in place.